The Mageblind, though cut off from the arcane roots of their ancestors are not without a strong magical connection. Each and every Mageblind child feels a connection with the divine spark present in all things, granted them when their race was born from the Mageborn after the Sundering. Considered by most to be the “second” race native to Toridan, and able to trace their roots back thousands of years prior to their Mageborn ancestors many Mageblind feel a since of superiority to those of the newer races.

Since the Sundering the Mageblind have set an empire in the western area of what was the Mageborn Imperium.


Mageblind, while not as haughty or aloof as their distant cousins still fell a superiority to the others due to their longer history in the world, and their innate gifts. Many though try and find a common ground with the newer races and sometimes sought as advisers to the “Mundane” Human’s various rulers.

Physical Description

The Mageblind are generally rail-thin, an aftereffect of their long ingrained magic being turned into a divine spark. While not a major detriment it does lead them to being a bit more frail than the other races, much like the elves. Their eyes are also defining characteristic, being a golden-honey color. Otherwise they share the same hair and skin color variations as other humans as well as height range. They tend to weigh less however.

Mageblind are also incapable of channeling Arcane magic in any form. They may still be effected by it though


The Mageblind feel a since of minor resentment to the Mageborn, due to being cast out after the Sundering. Years have made it bearable for both races to be in contact, they however hardly see perfectly eye-to-eye on matters aside from their insistence on keeping the newcomers away from the ruins of their ancient home.

With the Grimalkin relations are always strained thanks to differing religious tenant. The felines shamanistic leanings rub greatly against their beliefs, but they mostly leave them to themselves when possible.

The mundane humans tend to deal better with the Mageblind than the Mageborn, though only marginally. They are still treated with a since of pity at times for not being “complete” as the other two human races see themselves.

Many of the other newcomers share a similar reception from the Mageblind for their instance on worshiping non-human gods and goddesses. This has been a source of contention during the meetings of rulers of the various races in the millennia since their arrival.

As with the Mageborn, the Mageblind also see the Halflings as a race to pity, though the reason why seems to be lost to time.


Mageblind have no particular bent towards any one alignment. While ostensibly a good aligned theocracy based on the worship of Pelor, the primary god in the Mageblind pantheon, many evil gods find room for worship in the hearts of some Mageblind. The most prevalent of those in recent years being Hextor.


Before the destruction of the Towers and the Sundering the Mageborn Imperia spread from the eastern to the western coastlines, and from the just north of the Thaln Forests to the Shardscale Mountains in the North.

After the Sundering and the Exile, the Mageblind set their power in the city of Torin in the western hills. Their lands currently run from the western coast to the destroyed lands surrounding the ruins of Tallen and the Towers, and from Dwarven coastal mountains in the south to the Shardscale to the north. Though it is important to note that no settlement of Mageblind has ever been attempted within a hundred miles of the ruined land, only forts and their accompanying shrines and temples to keep watch and assure the others don’t try and snoop on their old home.


The Mageblind speak common and celestial, however they are capable of learning any language they are presented with enough study.


• +4 Wisdom, -2 Constitution.
• Medium: As Medium creatures, Mageborn have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
• Mageblind base land speed is 30 feet.
• The following skill are always considered class skills for Mageblind: Knowledge: Religion, and Spellcraft
• +2 racial bonus on Knowledge: Religion and Spellcraft checks
Mageborn also gain a +1 bonus to all turn and rebuke attempts.
• -2 racial penalty on Diplomacy to all other races
• Automatic Languages: Common, Celestial
• Bonus Languages: Any except Secret Languages(Druidic)
• Favored Class: Cleric
• Prohibited Class: Any Arcane Caster
• Each Mageblind begins with one of the Domain Feats from Complete Champion for free. Available feats are based on character alignment as follows:
1)Neutral: Animal, Earth, Knowledge, Magic, Plant and Travel
2)Lawful: Knowledge, Law, Protection, Strength and Sun
3)Chaotic: Air, Chaos, Fire, Luck, Travel and Trickery
4)Good: Good, Heeling, Protection, Sun and Water
5)Evil: Death, Destruction, Evil, Fire and War
You may choose a feat that fits either of your alignment settings
• +1 LA


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