Grimalkin are one of only 3 native races on Toridan, the other 2 being the Mageborn and Mageblind Humans. They originally came from the southern reaches and were, until the arrival of the “Others”, considered not worth the attention of the Mageborn. After the Others arrival, and the near simultaneous at the Crimson Towers the Grimalkin have grown as a species, no longer scattered tribes spread and roaming around the forests and jungles. A little known Spirit Shaman brought the tribes together and forged what would be the first and to this day only Grimalkin nation and founded their first true city, Shitar. Partially built, partially grown with help from their new Elven friends from the forests it is situated in.


Younger than any of the other races, besides perhaps the Mageblind, the Grimalkin have finally found an identity as a race. Due to their relative youth as a culture many Grimalkin are shy, quiet and long thinking when deal with the other races, however they are open and outspoken among other Grimalkin, and to a lesser extent the few humans that have settled along their border.

Physical Description

Grimalkin are generally slightly smaller than their human counterparts and are covered in a fine but dense fur ranging all the normal feline colors and patterns. One of the aspects that most other races find difficult to get used to are the Grimalkin’s tails. Grimalkin have greater controll of their tails than a normal feline does and they also retain a set of retractable claws on their hands along with sharp teeth.

Male Grimalkin stand, on average, 4 to 6 inches taller than their female counterparts.


Grimalkin find they have most in common the graceful elves that now border their southern lands, and the “new” humans that arrived with the rest of the “Others”. The grace of the elves rivals their own and they share an elongated lifespan, while the humans seems as kindred spirits, and the only race that wholly accepted the Grimalkin. There have even been a few Grimalkin-Human unions, however none have, as yet, resulted in any offspring.

While there isn’t any animosity between the Dwarfs and the Grimalkin, neither truly understand each other. For the Grimalkin it’s unthinkable that anyone would choose to live underground away from the sunlight, while the Dwarfs find it equally odd that anyone would trust their footing in a city built in the trees.

The Mageborn and Mageblind still see the Grimalkin as savages and a nuisance to be tolerated and ignored, nothing more. The have at least however acknowledged their sentience, though more from necessity than from any sense of right or compassion.


Grimalkin have a sense of wonder about life and the world around them that tends to sway them away from the path of evil, though possibly not good and corrupt Grimalkin aren’t unheard of. They have no particular bent towards Law or Chaos.


The Grimalkin nation lay along the southern coast of and include a range of climates, but is mainly Jungle and forest lands. They only have one true city, built high in the branches of the Thaln Forrest, Shitar


Grimalkin speak common, though with an almost guttural tone. They also speak their own language consisting of hisses and purs. Only known among other Grimalkin all Grimalkin share a minor telepathic bond allowing them to send images to one another at will.


• +4 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence.
• Medium: As Medium creatures, Grimalkin have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
• Grimalkin base land speed is 30 feet.
• Low-Light Vision: A Grimalkin can see three times as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. She looses the ability to distinguish color but not detail under these conditions.
• +2 racial bonus on Listen, Search and Spot checks and a +4 Bonus on Climb checks.
• -2 racial negative on Slight of Hand and Swim checks.
• Automatic Languages: Common and Feralin.
• Favored Class: Spirit Shaman<complete>; Male, Ranger; Female
• All Grimalkin start with the Blind Fight feat for free.
• A Grimalkin’s natural attacks can be considered Slashing weapons as long as they retain their claws. A Grimalkin make have their claws removed to negate the -2 racial negative to Slight of Hand checks, but loose the ability to consider natural attacks slashing.
• +1 LA


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